Make your underwriting process more disciplined, transparent, and accurate. Full-spectrum collaboration provided for brokers, customers, sales and underwriters to work as a team, shortening the time to close new sales.

Risk Assessment

Determine risk and apply UW factors for adjustments!
JET Insure supports your business with intelligent, reliable, and accurate underwriting solution. You can maintain medical guidelines, assign debit points based on medical conditions, calculate underwriting load factors to finalize premium across plans and tiers. With straight-through processing, it's a 360-degree solution.

Rate Management

Manage rates schedule with dynamically defined factors!
Manage rates for multiple products, geographies, and plans. Alternatively, use standard or composite rating model. Define and apply dynamic rating factors such as trend, age, area, and industry etc. Above all, you can retain the current and historical rate matrix to support billing, commissions, and future references.

Plans & Benefit Management

Define product plans and availability to various customer segments!
JET Insure brings you a comprehensive functionality to define plans and related benefits. This enables you to package multiple products, publish and make available product plans in the designated markets. Moreover, you can sunset plans while offering alternate options through the same window.