We make policy renewals swift, sweet, and automated. Manage renewals on the yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis, fully automated or as per demand. From renewal offer generation to acceptance and open enrollment, you're supported across the way.

Ready your Renewals

Quick and accurate renewals! Sunset a plan and setup alternate plan(s), publish rate schedules in advance. Take the business decision beforehand through advanced preparation and collaboration with brokers and customers. JET Insure enables you to generate fully-formatted renewal offer, notifications, cover letters, and other docs for the upcoming renewals.

Auto / Passive Renewals

Retain customers with simple & transparent renewal! Implement your renewal processes and send advance notifications/letters to customers and brokers. JET Insure will automatically renew policies as defined by your workflow/ business rules allowing you to focus on renewals that require your attention. The process is transparent, simple and fully adherent to state and federal laws.

Monitor Renewals to completion

Steer your renewals! Ensure your renewals are progressing through your internal organizational units and your sales channel including brokers. Address customer requests and concerns rapidly. Ensure full compliance and adherence to all state and federal laws. Once renewal is accepted, guide customer to successfully enroll during open enrollment.