We're making benefit selection and management very simple. Safe, secure, and intuitive self-service enrollment and benefit management platform. Serve all of your customer segments including individuals, employers and employees.

Group Enrollment

Comprehensive initial enrollment, open & special enrollment functions! Robust functions and feature for groups to initiate and manage the various types of enrollment event period. JET Insure can be configured for health plan and its brokers to be able to facilitate and support customer / group enrolment events. Additionally, file uploads augment no-touch automated enrollment capability.

Individual Enrollment

Fully-supported On-Exchange & Off-Exchange enrollment functionality! JET Insure features initial and subsequent enrollments for individual customers. Seamless integration with ACA marketplace allows individual customers to take complete control of the enrollment and post-enrollment functionality. This enables them to administer and manage their policies including renewals and others.

Policy Management

Administer employee roster, benefits and life events! Sophisticated and highly user-friendly portal based functionality available to individual and group customers for policy administration and management. With JET Insure, you've maximum coverage to core functions like: dependent management, provider selection, temporary id cards and access to benefit and policy information.