Drive your growth through smart commissions management. Never lose sight of the bigger picture, and manage the rates according to the channel. JET Insure has a dynamic calculation process based on the billed vs paid settings.

Flexible Setup

Manage your commission rates per channel! JET Insure's flexible configurations allow you to set up commission rates according to sales channels including broker, general agent or direct sales. You can also set up things according to customer group size, setup threshold, bonus and incentive payments, and other factors. Request a product demo to see features in action.

Dynamic Calculation

Trust your numbers! We've implemented dynamic commissions calculation based on the billed vs paid setting, allowing you to have real-time visibility. Moreover, you can also run and manage bonus programs based on certain threshold values, and also hold the commissions' payments if required. Never lose sight of the numbers, and plan rewards in advance.

Manage Commissions Programs

Never lose sight! Keep a historical record of commission calculation for each sales channel including agent and direct sales. Run reports for the individual broker, agency or any other recipient of commissions – and review all the commissions paid for any single customer segment or a customer. Our platform supports tight integration with backend financial system.